Single has Spoken

And it’s making no apologies.

As the dating app with the largest community of singles, Tinder has a front-row seat to what’s trending in dating culture. It’s no secret that the attitudes and behaviors of young singles aged 18-25 in the U.S. has changed. If you aren’t convinced, we recently conducted a survey, which revealed that singles today aren’t just looking for their “happily ever after.” Young singles continue to demand inclusivity, freedom of expression, and freedom to do whatever they damn well please with their bodies and their future. To put it simply — they’re single, not sorry.

There’s a reason the majority of young millennials (72%) are making a conscious decision to be single for a period of time: they value their freedom and independence. In fact, 81% of respondents said that being single benefits them beyond their romantic lives — advantages like making new friends, being more dedicated to their work, and having more time for personal wellness.

That’s right, everyone needs to stop worrying about the single people.

Single is about the journey, not the destination. It’s no longer a default status — it’s a lifestyle choice that should be filled with adventure, unknowns, and endless possibilities. We celebrate the freedom to experiment, meet new people, try new things and, ultimately, live on your own terms.

We celebrate single culture.

That means we have no judgement for anyone looking for their “happily ever now” — and neither should you. We’re committed to standing up for singles on and off the app, and supporting their single experience, however they choose to live it.

After all, single is a terrible thing to waste.

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