#Representlove This World Emoji Day
UPDATE: We're thrilled to share that the Unicode Consortium unanimously passed our proposal for interracial emojis during its meeting this July. Next step: the vote for final approval in January 2019! If you haven't already, please take the time to join more than 50,000 people who have signed our petition so that we can better #RepresentLove.

Show your love for emojis and support interracial couples ❤️There’s no question that the universal language of the digital age are emojis. It’s how we green-light plans, how we call you out on your drama, and how we represent ourselves. Though it may seem like there’s an emoji for everything, don’t be fooled. While 2015 brought us emojis for people of color and same-sex couples, there’s a group of folks that are seriously lacking emoji representation: Interracial couples.

This spring, we received an overwhelming amount of support when we asked Unicode to bring some much-needed attention to interracial couples. While more than 44,000 people have showed their support so far, our job isn’t over yet. This month, Unicode will vote on which emojis will make the cut and we need your help to keep the dream alive. At Tinder, we firmly believe that no one should ever feel unseen.

The rise of interracial couples is being directly linked to the rise of online dating (holla!), and it’s time the universal language of love included connections made between all races. According to this research published in Technology Review, interracial marriage has risen dramatically and can be attributed to the clever algorithms used by dating sites to increase the likelihood of people stepping outside of their own comfort zone. The research module shows a forecast of complete racial integration in the online dating community and that can only mean one thing: love is in the air regardless of your skin tone. Now, we just need an emoji to reflect that.

It’s time for emojis to start spreading the love: If you haven’t already, sign our petition to help bring interracial couple emojis to keyboards around the world.