Introducing Orientation on Tinder
UPDATE: Orientation will be rolling out to all markets excluding those where there are state-sponsored sexual orientation laws.

Sometimes you need a makeover to glow up and friends to help you do it.

That’s why we partnered up with GLAAD to introduce a new feature that will help members of our community truly shine and be their most authentic selves on Tinder. Please allow us to reorient ourselves.

Here’s How It Works:

To edit or add more information about your sexual orientation on Tinder, simply edit your profile. When you tap “Orientation” you’ll be able to select up to three terms that you feel best describe your sexual orientation. From there, it’s totally up to you whether these are displayed on your profile or not.

If you’re new here — welcome! We’ve updated the onboarding experience to include sexual orientation from the start. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

More Context, More Control

For the first time, you’ll also have more say in how your potential matches are ordered on Tinder. By visiting your Discovery Preferences, you can choose to see people of your same orientation first — the choice is yours.

This Party Is Just Getting Started

We worked closely with GLAAD to introduce Orientation on Tinder. And we know that it will continue to evolve and change, just like sexuality. If you have feedback about the update or would like to see more sexual orientation terms added to Tinder, simply send us a note to We want to hear from you.

We remain committed to making Tinder the best platform for meeting new people – for everyone.

Orientation on Tinder will be rolling out in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand throughout June.