Bold Women of the World, We Salute You

Swipe Right on sisterhood.

All around the world, women are bucking societal norms—they’re breaking down barriers, they’re breaking with tradition, and by doing so, they may even be breaking the law—all for something the rest of us consider a basic human right. They are bold. They are brave. They are badass. Whether climbing their way to the top of their trade or making their mark with a single act of defiance, they’re the torchbearers of women’s rights and they’re fighting for us all.

We are grateful to them. We are inspired by them. And we are here to support them.

In celebration of these bold women and International Women’s Day, Tinder will donate $250,000 to women’s causes around the world.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tweet the cause you care about, tag @Tinder and use #FundHerCause
  2. We’ll send you a code to unlock $100 in Tinder funds
  3. Go to [](, choose your cause and submit a donation*

Women’s Organizations:

*While the organizations serve worldwide causes, participation in the donation process is limited to U.S. residents. Eligibility begins on March 8th at 9am ET. Donations are made possible in partnership with Pledgeling.
See Official Rules at


Be bold. Be brave. Be you.We’re also excited to invite the women of London, England to participate in our #BeBoldForChange event at Observation Point in London’s South Bank—an artistic space designed for women to send messages of love, solidarity and empowerment to each other. The installation will be open from 8am to 8pm GMT on Wednesday, March 8th.

So to our sisters around the world, we say this: Live as you choose and make no apologies. Always look out for one another. Stay strong, be bold and keep on fighting the good fight. Because now, more than ever, it’s time to rock the boat.