Tinder Launches Its Election Center and Voting Stickers

LOS ANGELES, October 2, 2020 – Today, Tinder is rolling out its Election Center, where members can easily access a suite of helpful voter turnout tools. In addition to solidifying a voting plan, members can now add stickers to their profile, to further spread the word on the importance of voting this season.

Located beside new matches, the Election Center allows members to register or check their registration status, request a mail-in ballot or review their ballot before voting. Members can confirm their polling site and even apply to become a poll worker here, too.

Starting this week, members will have the opportunity to add a sticker to their profile that links back to the Election Center. Members can add this feature to the top corner of their profiles stating “I’m Registered,” “I’m Voting Early,” “I Voted” or “I’m a Poll Worker” to encourage others to vote this November.