Making The First Time Count This November

LOS ANGELES, September 23, 2020 – With half of Tinder members in Gen Z, 2020 marks the first time many of them will have the opportunity to cast their ballot in a presidential election. Tinder has launched a new promotion in the U.S. to make registering to vote a swipe away on the app.


Members will be directed, via in-app promotional cards, to their respective online voter resource websites to register to vote, check their registration status or request a mail-in ballot. Members simply confirm their location and then are directed to their government registration portal where they can begin the process or sent to BallotReady to complete an absentee ballot request form.


Tinder is a place that welcomes everyone. And it’s important that all conversations, whether about politics or otherwise, remain respectful. If your goal is to dedicate time on Tinder spreading messages about candidates, there are better and more efficient platforms to do so. As a quick refresher, below is guidance on the behaviors allowed - and not allowed - on Tinder this Election season:



Behaviors allowed

  • Sharing relevant information about you, like how you lean politically or causes and candidates you support in your bio
  • Participating in respectful conversations about your political and social views with your matches.
  • Providing information about issues you care about if it’s contextually relevant to the conversation you’re having.

Behaviors not allowed

  • Using Tinder as a means to do your job. If you’re a volunteer or working for a candidate or  campaign, you can’t use Tinder for your phone banking or door knocking.
  • Only using Tinder to advocate for a specific candidate or party. If the sole purpose of your profile is to advocate for a candidate, party or position and not to have meaningful conversations or interactions with other members - regardless of whether you identify as a member of a campaign or employee of an organization - then your profile may be removed
  • Spamming by sending the same message(s) or link(s) to your matches indiscriminately.
  • Being disrespectful when messaging a match who has opposing or differing views from you.
  • Fundraising: soliciting donations by directing members to donate to a specific organization or by asking members to send you funds on behalf of an organization.

More information about Tinder Community Guidelines can be found here.