A Note from Nicole Senior, VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culture at Tinder

For the past three years as Tinder’s head of workplace experience, I’ve managed buildings with hundreds of people and organized events that bring hundreds of employees together. Events, perks and employee recognition programs have been a core part of my time at Tinder, but what I have always treasured is how making small changes to our infrastructure can have such a big impact on people’s sense of belonging.  It may seem like we’re just sourcing an office chair, but we’re really finding the perfect fit for employees of all sizes. A small nook is actually a quiet space for introverts to spend time between meetings. I believe implementing these changes and advocating for the needs of our employees ensures that their environment isn’t a distraction and they can focus on what they came to Tinder to do.

I’m incredibly excited to take on this newly created role as VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culture at Tinder. As I step into the role I bring an understanding of what it looks like to create an inclusive environment and how to build programs to foster a sense of belonging at Tinder.  I’m excited to add to my role the oversight of the thriving Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) we have at Tinder - Black@Tinder, Desis@Tinder, East Asians@Tinder, LatinX@Tinder, Women@Tinder, Pride@Tinder. As a long-standing member of the Black@Tinder group I’ve seen first hand the power of providing a safe space for these communities to connect. My role on the executive leadership team, reporting directly to the CEO, gives me the ability to bring the voices of these groups into many touch points across the organization.

The driving philosophy behind how I plan to approach my new role can be summed up simply.  When you feel confident that your company truly supports who you are, everyone can focus on bringing their best selves to work. I believe that’s the key to unlocking flow. I look forward to the opportunity to continue evolving our employee experience and fostering a healthy work culture that is both innovative, highly collaborative and supportive for all employees.