Pride-Themed Profile Stickers Celebrate Unique Role Dating Apps Play In Coming Out

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (June 3, 2024) —  Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, announced today the addition of profile stickers in celebration of Pride month. The stickers, designed by LGBTQ+ staff at Tinder, allow users to share additional context to connect over, like “Came Out Online” and “My First Pride” to their profiles. The stickers are a welcome addition for singles looking to make new connections this Pride season, especially as online dating is the most common way same-sex couples meet.1

As one of the first dating apps to expand the gender identities and orientation options offered, Tinder has always been an inclusive place for queer users to explore their orientation and create their first connections in the LGBTQ+ community before they may be ready to meet IRL. In fact, Tinder’s Future of Dating Report revealed over half (54%) of surveyed LGBTQ+ identifying 18-25-year-olds admit to being out on a dating app before they were to friends and family.2

“Over a fifth of new Tinder users identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community,3 so we felt it was important to create an authentic way for them to connect this Pride season,” says Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder. “Whether you're proudly sharing coming out online, or you're excited to meet new people to celebrate your first Pride with, we’re happy to help LGBTQ+ users find their Pride this year.”

The series of profile stickers offer LGBTQ+ users and allies alike an authentic and relatable way to celebrate Pride this year, with more options to express themselves and connect with others.

The new stickers include:

  • Came Out Online - A badge of honor for the community of those whose coming out journey started with a digital-first step
  • My First Pride - Going to a Pride festival can be daunting for a newly-out individual. This sticker was created to help first-time Pride attendees find and connect with others to experience Pride with
  • Save Queer Spaces - Whether they’re online or IRL, the importance of queer spaces that foster a sense of acceptance and community cannot be overstated
  • Happy Pride - Pride is a celebration for all, whether you’re just out online or proudly out to the world
  • Proud Ally - Whether you’re part of the community or not, allyship and support are incredibly meaningful to the queer community and something to be celebrated

Tinder’s Pride stickers will be available in the app beginning June 3. Members can view The Pride Sticker Center and add stickers to their profile by tapping on in-app notifications.

About Tinder
Launched in 2012, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and has been downloaded more than 530 million times.  The app is available in 190 countries and 45+ languages. More than half of all users are 18-25 years old. In 2022, Tinder was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company.

1 MIT Technology Review, October 9, 2017.
2 A study of 1,000 18-25 year-old actively dating singles in the US, UK, Australia and Canada between Jan 21, 2023 and Feb 7, 2023 conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Tinder.
3 Internal Tinder Data. New and returning users Jan 2023- Jan 2024