Tinder U Unleashes Rivalry Week

We’re fueling the fire.

The most heated moments of college football just got hotter. For one week only, we’ll be giving registered Tinder U students the opportunity to scope out the competition. That’s right, you can match and message with your archrivals and show your true colors, come what may. While crossing enemy lines may seem like treason, you can rest assured you’ll be doing vital research for your school, and your single life. And who doesn’t want to see what’s on the other side of the field?

Here's How It Works:

With Tinder U, you can always see other students at your school and around you. For Rivalry Week, we will expand your Tinder U search to include students at your rival schools, regardless of whether your rival school is nearby or across the country.

Don’t forget — the best defense is a good offense: You can steal their mascot, game strategy, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even steal a few hearts while you’re at it because let’s face it — all’s fair in love and war.

We wish you luck in the battle to end all battles, but remember — no matter what happens on the field, you can still score big on Tinder U.

Tinder U Rivalry Week highlights historically competitive college rivalries for students at 4-year, degree-granting colleges and universities in the U.S. from November 17 - 24. Tinder U students can opt out of Rivalry Week by visiting their settings at any time.

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