Tinder Launches Reactions

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In a perfect world, everyone would always treat each other with respect—whether it's from behind a phone screen or IRL. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and most women have encountered douchey behavior at some point. So the women of Tinder are on a mission to make calling it out, when it happens on Tinder, easy and fun while letting the nice guys know they aren’t finishing last. We created Tinder Reactions so that our users can give instant feedback—both positive as well as constructive—to those who need it most.

So if he’s sweet, send hearts; if he’s funny, send laughs; and if he’s brilliant, send a round of applause. But if he’s acting douchey, it’s time to take the initiative.

The Menprovement Initiative is now underway.

We’ve called on Whitney Cummings—comedian, author, actress, and internationally renowned douchebag expert—to help us lead the charge.

"Sometimes men need a little guidance when it comes to communicating on dating apps. And by a little, I mean a lot. Knowing I'm an expert on douchebags, Tinder reached out to me for help. I teamed up with the awesome, smart, bold women of Tinder to develop a new product that helps you tell guys how you really feel.”

Tinder Reactions are designed to give users a selection of responses that can be used at any stage of conversation, and suitable for a wide spectrum of behavior—from a gentle nudge (say “ball’s in your court!”) to a warning (send an eyeroll) to a bold gesture (throw a drink in their face). In our fast-paced world, what woman has time to respond to every act of douchery she encounters? With Reactions, you can call it out with a single tap. It’s simple. It’s sassy. It’s satisfying.

How It Works:

To send a Reaction, open a conversation on Tinder and tap the smiley icon. Scroll through the Reactions and select the one of your choice to send it to your match.

Alongside Reactions, we’re rolling out messaging standards to all users to set the tone and promote best practices for a better Tinder experience. Over the past few months, we’ve also introduced simpler reporting options, including the ability to swipe to unmatch; newly designed community guidelines; and more—all in an effort to promote a positive community and make it easier than ever for our users to take action on Tinder, should they need to.

We’re excited to roll out Tinder Reactions and the updates above to our users around the world. No matter which Reactions you see or choose to send, remember: Reactions speak louder than words.


Swipe on!