Swipe the Vote: UK Edition

In March, Tinder users in the U.S. ‘Swiped the Vote’ to learn more about presidential candidates. Now, Tinder has partnered with Bite the Ballot - a non-profit organization helping young people to become active change makers - so that users across the pond can ‘Swipe the Vote’ to learn more about the European Union ahead of the Referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU this summer!

Starting today, Tinder users in the UK will have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge of the EU and the facts surrounding some of the most highly debated issues of the Referendum by taking a true or false survey. From state benefits to human rights, it's critical that millennials - who will play a major part in deciding the Referendum - are aware of the policies in place when they submit their ballots.

Simply tap on the card and swipe right to answer “fact” or left for “fiction.” Once you find out whether your knowledge is that of a commoner or king, you'll have the chance to share them on social, learn more about the issues and - most importantly - seamlessly register to vote.

The Referendum takes place on June 23rd and the deadline for voter registration in the UK is June 7th - so swipe on (and #TurnUp)!