‘Swipe the Vote’ Campaign Update: Sanders and Cruz Take the Lead on Tinder

This week, Tinder partnered with Rock the Vote for ‘Swipe the Vote,’ a campaign that invites our users to weigh in on the issues that are heating up the political debate and encourages them to register to vote ahead of the election - and we’ve collected some interesting results so far!

According to Tinder users, Bernie Sanders was the leading choice for the Democratic nomination while Ted Cruz edged out his fellow Republican candidates. Sanders was matched with 37.8% of swipers, narrowly defeating his close rival Hillary Clinton who, at 37.6% is behind by just 200 matches - reinforcing the fact that every vote counts. The Republican winner Ted Cruz garnered 14.3% of overall votes, handily beating Donald Trump who was matched with only 8.1% of users.

**Battle of the Sexes:
**Despite the media’s heavy focus on the rise of the “Bernie Bro,” the majority of males on Tinder matched with Hillary, who resonated with 35.5% versus Sanders’ 32.7%. Bernie was the leading choice among women, receiving 43.4%, while Hillary matched with just 39.9%.

The men of Tinder leaned far more to the right, matching nearly twice as often with the Republican candidates than female voters. Almost 20% of men swiped their way to a match with Ted Cruz compared to only 8.5% of women.

The ‘Swipe the Vote’ campaign even had its own bit of “Bush v. Gore” drama, with Hillary Clinton winning the most states (30) even though Bernie had the most matches overall.

Full data below:

Top 3 Overall
Bernie - 37.8%
Hillary - 37.6%
Cruz - 14.3%
*Bernie is only beating Hillary by 200 matches

**Hillary - 35.5%
Bernie - 32.7%
Cruz - 19.5%

Bernie - 43.4%
Hillary - 39.9%
Cruz - 8.5%

**Democratic **- Bernie
**Republican **- Cruz

*8.1% of users matched with Trump

Bernie - 21 states
Hillary - 30 states
*Washington, D.C. winner - Bernie

‘Swipe the Vote’ will remain on the Tinder platform this Presidential election season with additional results to be released. 


Swipe on!