Swipe the Vote

Voting is your right (and it’s time to get righteous).

One vote equals one voice and now’s the time to speak up. So gather your friends and keep fighting the good fight — whether it’s for criminal justice reform, climate change, or to take back the night.You only need to take a quick stroll through history to see that change can be made — in order to rock the boat, we must rock the vote. With vital issues on the table such as gun violence prevention immigration, reproductive rights, and education, one could argue there’s never been a more crucial time to show up.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with Rock the Vote to swipe our way into the 2018 midterm elections and help increase voter turnout among young Americans. In 2014, only 19.9% of eligible young voters turned out for the midterms, which means now, more than ever, the Tinder community needs to show its strength and head to the polls. Everyone has an American dream. Bring it to the ballot box.

Whether you vote left, right, somewhere in between, or far outside, your vote counts. Click here for more information about registering to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.And, come November, when you’re wondering where the party’s at, remember — you’ll find the Tinder party at the polls.