Our Community Guidelines Just Got a Makeover

And it’s just plain rude not to look.

Tinder is a place for meeting new people, having new experiences, and trying new things. We get it, navigating meeting new people is challenging. We embrace the single journey freely, and without judgement. In order for everyone to have fun, we want you to take our Community Guidelines as seriously as we do. We’re committed to making sure everyone has a great experience on the app, and are always looking for ways to improve it. If you’re honest, kind and respectful to others, you’ll always be welcome here. If you choose not to be, you may not last. Believe us: We don’t tolerate those who cross the line.

Here’s a quick summary of some updates and reminders:

  • Age Requirements: You must be 18 years of age or older to be on Tinder. While this isn’t new, it’s a great chance to remind you. That means you must be at least 18 to have a profile, and shouldn’t include any photos of minors. If you want to show off your children, all we ask is you make sure you’re also in the photo.
  • One Person, One Account: There can only be one owner per Tinder account. We do not allow bestie accounts, joint accounts with your SO or anyone else. Oh, and please don’t maintain multiple accounts. If your mood changes, you can give your profile a makeover at any time by adding a new bio and photos.
  • Account Dormancy: If you don’t log into your account for more than two years, we’ll assume you’ve ghosted us and we reserve the right to delete your account. We have feelings, too.
  • Impersonation: We want you to be your most authentic self. Leave the impersonations to SNL skits, and be yourself on our app.
  • Promotion or Solicitation: While we’re excited that you’re doing a comedy show next week, please don’t use Tinder to promote it. Same goes for fundraising, campaigning, drumming up business, or conducting research for any purpose. Oh yeah, that means your account is for you–not your business, band, etc.

Don’t worry, if you’re a seasoned vet, you pretty much know the drill. If you're new to the game, check out our Community Guidelines, and safety tips to stay woke — Tinder woke that is.