Renate Nyborg

Renate Nyborg is the General Manager, EMEA. With over 15 years’ experience building mobile and subscription businesses, Renate joined Tinder in 2020 to lead one of the most important regions outside of the US.

Renate joined Tinder from Headspace, where she built and led its first International product and marketing team. She previously spent over four years at Apple, where she led the App Store subscription business in Europe. Renate also founded Pleo, a human-centric app design studio, and she was the first-ever Global Director of Mobile at Edelman.

Renate is of Norwegian and Dutch origin and has worked in London, Silicon Valley, Stockholm, Paris and Switzerland. She is a Philosophy graduate of Cambridge University. Renate currently lives in Europe with her husband, whom she met on Tinder, and her three stepkids. She loves food, her piano and music, and can often be found hiking or Nordic skiing around the Alps.