Keeping Tinder Real

Tinder: it’s free, it’s fun and it’s the fastest, easiest way to meet new people. We know how addicting swiping on Tinder can be, but we’ve noticed that a small number of users only swipe right just to see who likes them back. These users diminish the fun for everyone else by creating low quality matches that never lead to conversations. As Tinder continues to grow, it’s our mission to make sure every match counts. So, we recently made some changes that we're confident will make Tinder much better for all users.

First, to encourage people who right swipe like crazy to be thoughtful in their swiping, we‘ve introduced an algorithm that intelligently limits the number of likes a user can make in a consecutive 12 hour period. Most of our users will never even encounter this limit or even know it exists, but we’ve already seen that those who encounter it are becoming way more thoughtful when swiping. The results are obvious and we’ve already seen a dramatic increase in the quality of matches. Since introducing this just 10 days ago, we’ve seen a 25% increase in the number of matches per right swipe, a 25% increase in the number of messages per match, and a 52% decrease in spam bots (another of our biggest user complaints). Pretty amazing. So early signs show that this is working exactly the way we intended.

Now, for those users that actually do hit the like limit, we’ve made a conscious decision not to completely prevent them from right swiping until the next period. Instead, users that hit the like limit will have the chance to purchase Tinder Plus for additional likes if they want to do so. Charging for this simultaneously curbs excessive right swiping, making the ecosystem better for everyone (see the data above), and gives users that hit the like limit an elective option to swipe more if they value that very strongly. Regardless, Tinder's core experience is and will always be free. The money we make allows us to support our free platform, expand our team and reinvest in Tinder's future.

Second, we’ve improved the user reporting interface to include a variety of categories and a more thorough review process. This helps us better understand why users are reported (fortunately, very few of you are) and give them the opportunity to correct their behavior before we take more aggressive measures on their accounts. Kicking misbehaving users off Tinder is something we take very seriously.

The happiness of our users is our #1 priority, and these changes are aimed at just that.

Swipe on!