Introducing Super Likeable
UPDATE: As of June 2018, Super Likeable is available worldwide. Keep an eye out for it :)

We’ve been cooking up a new way to bring you a more exciting Tinder experience -- and we’re enlisting the help of some fancy AI to do it. We know you’re going to like it. In fact, you’re going to more than like it. That’s why we named it Super Likeable.

Super Likeable is a new artificial intelligence-powered experience that aims to delight and surprise with a simple and fun new format to introduce you to people we think will be of special interest to you. When a user comes across the Super Likeable feature, they’ll receive a free Super Like they can send to one of the four people we’ve presented to you.

Here’s How it Works

You can’t search for it. You can’t find it. Super Likeable will come as a surprise as you swipe. If you land on it, it means you just earned one free Super Like that you can send to any of the four people presented to you on that card. Right then. Right there. Right on.

And here’s a pro tip: sending a Super Like increases your likelihood of matching by three times. Just remember, once you get your free Super Like, it’s use it or lose it.Super Likeable is now being tested in New York City and Los Angeles. Try it out to see if we know you better than you know yourself. ;)

Swipe on!