Bring on the Tinder Takeovers - DTR is Back for Season 2

This time we’re getting more hands-on.

DTR (Define the Relationship), your favorite podcast from Tinder and Gimlet Creative about relationships in the digital age, is back by popular demand for a second season. Get ready for more dates, confessions, obsessions, and most of all, a lot more Tinder Takeovers when we return this November, 2017.

But we need a little help from you.

This season, host Jane Marie (This American Life, Jezebel, Cosmopolitan) is looking for people who will let her take over their Tinder profiles and, therefore, their dating lives, all in the name of podcasting. You should be game to let Jane swipe on your Tinder and set you up with the people she thinks you should meet. Then, let us record you and follow you around during your dates, come what may. Make your dating debut with the ultimate wingwoman and hundreds of thousands of listeners by your side. This is your time to shine. And who knows? You may end up thanking Jane Marie for making the right swipe that changes everything. To apply, or to apply for a friend in need (with their consent, of course), visit

We’re looking forward to playing matchmaker for you all. But in the meantime, click here listen to all of season one, and remember to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts so you don’t miss a thing.

Swipe on!