Passport Your Way to Love this Summer with Tinder’s Guide for Dating Beyond Your Neighborhood
Tinder’s Resident Relationship Expert Devyn Simone, dishes out hot tips for getting the most out of summer lovin’

Los Angeles, Calif. June 21 - Today marks the first *official* day of summer – it’s the season of picnics on the lawn, rooftop parties with friends and every other quasi-outdoor activity you can think of. The excitement of an outside function is always a vibe, but if you’re scouting for your next summer fling at these local events, the drawback to the IRL meet-cute becomes apparent – they have to already be at the same event. Plus, our zip-codes might not be the only barrier to finding summer love – our dating patterns might be getting in our own way without us realizing. That’s why Tinder has teamed up with its Resident Relationship Expert Devyn Simone to create the ultimate guide to embracing exploration in your dating life.

In the most recent Future of Dating report, Tinder found that exploration without limits is a major trend for young singles, and that said exploration comes in a variety of forms. When asked about their goals, young singles named working on personal growth their #1 priority (39%),1 and 66% of members that agree Tinder connects them with people they otherwise never would have crossed paths with in their day to day life.2 To commemorate the official start to summer and celebrate this season of travel in all its forms, Devyn Simone is here to share her essential guide to dating beyond your neighborhood.

“Just like people tend to crave comfort food when they’re in their feelings – not because it’s healthy for them but because it’s what they know – similarly, people tend to date the same type simply because it’s familiar. Tinder’s Passport™ feature gives you the opportunity to get out of the rut and practice healthier dating habits.” said Devyn Simone, Tinder’s Resident Relationship Expert.

Passport to Love: A Guide to Dating Beyond Your Neighborhood

  1. Fall in love with new (dating) cultures
    • This summer, the girls are outside, and it’s the perfect time to expand your dating pool with Passport™. Chatting with people in new areas is a great way to expand your horizons and get to know what dating looks like in other cultures. And for the ultra-adventurous, try Passporting in multiple locations - since you can change PassportTM locations as often as you’d like, you can experience what it’s like to date in France, Brazil, Thailand, and more, all from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Collect passport stamps (and hearts) while on a journey to self-growth
    • Ever scrolled down your match list and noticed that all of your matches look kinda…similar? Don’t lie, whether it's the same height and build, or interests that exactly match the ones on your profile, we’ve all had moments where we’ve narrowed in a bit too much on our idea of the “perfect” match. This summer is about growth, and if you keep swiping on Chad’s, you’re only gonna get Chad’s.  Break out of your romantic comfort zone and see what you learn about yourself in the process.
  3. Avoid dating burnout by heating up your love life in different area codes
    • If your typical type is starting to feel like a big beige flag, you might be in dating burnout territory. However, we came prepared with solutions – widening your search radius to a new location is a great way to avoid burnout and feel refreshed and excited about your dating prospects. Remember, one of the best parts of dating is stumbling upon an unexpected connection, so take the leap and see what a new approach may bring you!
  4. Finding travel friends is just as good as romantic connections
    • Gone are the days of worldwide quarantines, but after losing 2 years of IRL socializing, we all are still finding our footing when it comes to building relationships, much less making friends. Well, Tinder is the perfect place to practice those rusty conversation skills! Just make sure to adjust your relationship goal to “new friends” and you’re on your way to finding your ~travel~ soulmate. 

And, if you do have a trip booked…

So, you’ve been staring at that international flight for months and you finally booked it. ✈️ Whether you and the groupchat have travel plans lined up all summer, or you’re embarking on your very first solo trip, get the low down from expert Devyn Simone on the Tinder features that will help make this your best trip yet.

  1. Of course, your first stop should be Tinder Passport. Use Passport™ to get a head start on meeting people in your destination – match with some locals in the area to get the inside scoop, and build your itinerary from there. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like a local yourself by the time you touch down.
    • Devyn’s Pro Tip: Be sure to ask your new friends about the hottest new restaurants and any cool special events that may be happening while you’re in town. Buzzy restaurants + trendy social events = great places to meet singles!
  2. Remember, safety first! While you’re matching and chatting, don’t forget about Tinder’s safety resources:
    • Make sure your match is Photo Verified to help you feel confident that they actually look like their photos, and take advantage of Video Chat before arranging an IRL meetup.
    • You can always count on the Are You Sure/Does This Bother You chat features if you need – they’re specifically for members to report conversations that feel icky.
    • Depending on the destination, LGBTQIA+ members may have to be extra cautious when traveling. Watch out for Traveler Alert, a feature built to keep our LGBTQIA+ members safe in discriminatory locations. While in these areas, LGBTQIA+ member profiles won’t automatically appear in the app; instead, there is the option to manually make your profile public or private.
  3. Devyn’s Pro Tip: Don’t forget to snap alllll the pics. These are moments you’re going to want to remember, and as a bonus, refreshing your profile with pics from your most recent (or current) trip is a great way to show your personality without words and attract other adventurous hotties.

Launched in 2012, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and has been downloaded more than 530 million times. The app is available in 190 countries and 45+ languages. More than half of all members are 18-25 years old. In 2022, Tinder was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company.

About Devyn Simone
Devyn Simone is an internationally renowned matchmaker and dating expert, whose skillful guidance has helped countless singles find and create happy sustainable relationships. As a matchmaker and dating coach, Devyn has personally interviewed over two thousand singles as well as hundreds of happy couples to gain a deeper understanding of what unique challenges all of us face when we are dating in the age of technology and our new post-pandemic normal. Over the years she has analyzed that data and has developed a collection of best practices, tips, and easy-to-use formulas that help those dating with purpose find meaningful relationships.

1 A survey of 4000 18-25 year olds in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia between April 21, 2023 and April 25, 2023 conducted by Opinium on behalf of Tinder.
2 A survey of 4000 18-25 year olds in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia between April 21, 2023 and April 25, 2023 conducted by Opinium on behalf of Tinder.